Official Rules of Knights of Doomgiver {KoD}

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Official Rules of Knights of Doomgiver {KoD} Empty Official Rules of Knights of Doomgiver {KoD}

Post  J.Bosch on Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:59 am

WELCOME: By joining {KoD} you agree to accept all our rules and abide by them.

1. The High Council reserves the right to refuse any invite request at their discretion. Please contact a member near you if you wish to join our Clan.

2. WAR & PEACE: While we are generally a peaceful bunch, we know that war is part of the game. This means that we limit and are selective in our Alliance and NAP agreements.

3. NEW MEMBERS & PRE-EXISTING CONFLICTS: Any member who joins {KoD} who is already engaged in a conflict with another player(s) should let us know and should not expect support in the resolution of that pre-existing conflict. After said conflict is resolved, we will support you 100 % as a member of {KOD}.

4. DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Our Clan expects a certain level of maturity in its members. MINOR DISPUTES between Clan members and neighbors should be worked out amongst yourselves. If disputes cannot be resolved in a reasonable amount of time, they should be brought before the High Council.

5. DIPLOMATIC LANGUAGE: We are a NOBLE CLAN, VULGAR LANGUAGE and GLOATING are beneath us. If you receive a message of any kind that is inappropriate from a member please forward it to our Internal Affairs Diplomats so that it can be dealt with it.

6. MEMBER SUPPORT: Our Clan is built on the idea that we are only as strong as our weakest player. Our goal is therefore to assist each other as much as possible. Any SUPPORT, be it with Silver or Troops should be given FREELY to your clan mates with the understanding that every other Clan member would do the same for you. When you offer Troop Support, you do so with the understanding that if any are killed in the service of the recipient (i.e., by an Attacker), no compensation is due.

7. CLAN ACTIVITY: Activity in the {KoD} Clan community is for your benefit as well as ours. We ask that all members regularly READ and POST in the FORUMS.

8. ACCOUNT STEWARD: If you plan to be ABSENT from the game for any amount of time, it is mandatory to appoint a Kingdom Steward WITHIN the Clan (this is for your benefit as well as the Clan's).
a. 10 days of inactivity without notice will result in the division of your villages between the remaining players in the clan.
b. If, at any point, you wish to return to the game, we will assist you in rebuilding in the same manner as a new player.
c. If you return before all villages have been dispersed, we will stop all reassignment and the villages will remain with you. However, you will be put on a 30 day probation period.


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